Thank Us Later: I Found Iron Pills That Don’t Make Me Sick

Fun fact about me–I am pretty chronically anemic! It’s a thing. It runs in my family, and it’s not a huge deal as far as health issues one could have in the grand scheme of things, but it’s not the best time in the world either.

I am supposed to take iron pills. However, I am also a giant baby about taking them, because they hurt my stomach and honestly make me pretty nauseous. So, for years, I’d avoid taking them, and tell myself I was going to “make up for it” by eating a lot of steak and spinach because the iron you get from food is supposed to be better anyway, but then I’d forget to do that. Then, all of a sudden, I’d started to get super tired and dizzy during the day, and my head would start feeling vibrate-y, and then it would take me a hot minute to realize “OH. Right. That’s what this is.” Ugh.

Anyway, my mom has the same problem. However–and I forget how this happened–at some point my dad was at a health food store and happened upon these Megafood Blood Builder pills. They’re an iron supplement made with the iron in the same form you’d get it in food, rather than the way you’d get it in regular iron pills.

They do not make me sick or nauseous, and they actually work really, really well. Maybe better than standard iron pills, but I wouldn’t know since I can never stay on the standard ones long enough to make that evaluation. I will say that my mother took them after her red blood cell count was super low due to a surgery and the medications she had to take afterwards, and as soon as she was allowed to start taking them again, the doctors couldn’t believe how fast her red blood cell count went up.

I know a lot of other people who have my same issue with anemia/iron pills being gross, so hey! If you also have that problem, maybe try these!