Bud Light Must Have Been Drunk When They Came Up With Their New Tagline


Oh god, finally some good news about the Nigerian hostages kidnapped by terrorist group Boko Haram: 200 girls and 93 women were rescued by the Nigerian military from Boko Haram camps in the Sambisa Forest. It’s unclear whether any of the girls were from the original group kidnapped last April. [Mic]


Bud Light has some super cool new taglines, and by super cool I mean wildly ill-advised and rapey! The beer purveyor, using the hashtag #UpForAnything, has printed bottle labels with a bunch of new slogans, including the following: “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.” Yeah. Bud Light has since apologized, saying this one “missed the mark.” [Think Progress]


Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the issue of same-sex marriage, which they are expected to officially rule on the legality of in the next two months. Today’s arguments centered around the idea of “redefining marriage,” as anti-gay marriage advocates put it, with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy — believed to be the deciding vote, as the rest of the justices are split down party lines on the issue — saying that the existing definition (marriage being between a man and a woman) has been around for a “millennia.” But as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was quick to point out, the definition of marriage has hardly been static, let alone for a millennia. For much of American history, marriage was, yes, between a man and a woman, but that woman was considered her husband’s property, could not actually own property of her own and could be legally raped by her husband. The definition of marriage as a voluntary union between lawful individuals with equal protection under the law is not that old; and marriage only became what we now know it to be thanks to the Supreme Court enforcing the 14th Amendment — the same Amendment they are being asked to enforce in order to make same-sex marriage legal. [Right Wing Watch]


Ugh, I have been really digging Larry Wilmore’s new Comedy Central talk show, “The Nightly Show,” but his segment on Bruce Jenner’s gender transition was soooooo, sooooooo bad. At best, the jokes were poorly conveyed satire, at best they were straight up offensive. Do better, Larry! [Mic]