Black Lives Matter Supporters Pose As Forever 21 Employees, Take Over Store Window

This is so awesome. According to Gothamist (via Jezebel), activists representing the group Never 21 entered Forever 21’s store in Manhattan’s Union Square on Saturday, and managed to turn the store’s window display into a show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The activists came dressed as Forever 21 employees — okay, side note, how does that differ from, say, my outfit everyday? — and were successful at dressing the mannequins in Black Lives Matter T-shirts and hanging a big sign from the second floor window which read:

The Never 21 Project’s website, which mimics Forever 21’s white font and black and yellow color scheme, features mini-biographies of kids and teenagers who have lost their lives at the hands of the police, with emphasis on their ages: Aiyana Jones (7), Michael Brown (18), Tamir Rice (12), and Trayvon Martin (17).

It took about 20 minutes before a store manager caught wind of the stunt, which I find kind of hilarious. How do you not notice a bunch of randoms you’ve never seen before fucking with your store display, even if they are dressed as employees (again, what does that meannnn?). The Never 21 organizers explained, “We planned for a long time, and practiced beforehand on mannequins. We had the shirts sized large so that they would be easy to slip on… No one paid attention to us.” There you have it. Check out the video above for more! [Gothamist via Jezebel]