Failed Reagan Assassin John Hinckley Jr. Finds Love, Wants To Start A Band

Hey you guys! Remember that time a guy shot Ronald Reagan and James Brady because he was obsessed with Jodie Foster and thought that might get her attention? John Hinckley, Jr? Well, he’s been in St. Elizabeth’s mental institution since 1981. Since 2013, Hinckley has been able to go on 17 day visits to his mom’s house, and now he is currently attending hearings to whether and under what conditions he would be allowed to live full-time outside a mental hospital.

His doctor, Dr. Giorgi-Guarnieri, testified at the hearing today, and revealed that Hinckley, Jr. had an interest in singing and playing the guitar, and was also interested in starting a band upon his release. He stated that this would be fine, as long as he did not play in public and released his music under a pseudonym.

Hopefully, he is not interested in doing a cover of “Unworthy of Your Love” from Sondheim’s Assassins. Because that would be awkward.

Another piece of information revealed at the hearing by Hinckley’s brother is that he has a girlfriend.

Via NBC News.

John Hinckley Jr. met his current girlfriend at a National Association for the Mentally Ill meeting, his brother testified at a hearing Wednesday that will determine if the would-be assassin can permanently move out of a psychiatric hospital.

Scott Hinckley described the woman as “somewhat compatible” but said he had never met her. He said their 89-year-old mother, Joann, had met her. Hinckley’s sister Diane later described her as more of a platonic friend.

Yes. The crazy dude who shot a president and stalked Jodie Foster has found love! Maybe. I am still single, and not in a band, for those of you playing at home!