My List Of TV & Movie DILFs Leaves Nothing To Be Desired

Like every other red-blooded American, there is nothing I love more than a hot DILF. And like every other red-blooded American, there is nothing I love more than a Hollywood celebrity, because who really needs normal, boring friends when you could watch significantly more attractive people on a box in your living room anytime you want? But what I cannot abide by is the fact that these days when people talk about DILFs, they usually end up discussing Ryan Gosling, Chris Pratt, or whichever Hemsworth is playing Thor these days (just kidding Chris, I know it’s you, obviously I know it’s you given how many times I watched “Thor” when it was still on Netflix).

No, a real DILF knows how to put the D in DILF, and I don’t mean dick, I mean the literal D: Dad. I’m not out here for hot guys who also have kids. No I want the khaki sporting, Costco-brand jeans wearing, “Hey why didn’t you get me a free t-shirt from the Laker game too?” dad, when it comes to my Hollywood hunks. And just so we’re clear, this list is both comprehensive and thorough and you can all thank me later. It is however, unranked, because every dad on this list is equally hot and equally DILFy, obviously.

Jim Belushi in “According To Jim”


John Marshall Jones in “Smart Guy”


Randall Park in “Fresh off the Boat”


James Avery in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” always but especially when he is hustling in pool

Patrick Duffy in “Step By Step” but NOT “Dallas”


John Goodman in “Roseanne”


Ray Romano in “Everybody Loves Raymond”


Jeff Garlin in “The Goldbergs” and also “Curb Your Enthusiasm” he really only has one character, tbh


Rick Moranis in “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”


Earl Sinclair in “Dinosaurs,” the puppet not the voice actor behind the puppet


James Caan in “The Godfather,” and also in everything my god, have you seen James Caan


I rest my case.