Loretta Lynch Confirmed As Attorney General


Loretta Lynch has been confirmed as the United States’ first Black female Attorney General. She’ll have a short term, with President Obama only in office for another 18 months, but rather than attempting to make any major policy changes, Lynch is reportedly looking to make internal changes, for example making the Attorney General’s office more responsive to cybersecurity attacks, though President Obama has also said that Lynch would advocate for criminal justice reform. [New York Times]


If you aren’t aware of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and what it could mean, Feministing has the basics you need to know. It’s a “free trade agreement” in the way of NAFTA, but it has far more reach – whereas NAFTA was an agreement between the U.S. and Mexico, the TPP will create guidelines written by corporations that create guidelines for 40% of the world’s population. If the aftermath of NAFTA is any indication (like maquiladores, sweatshops that exploit the labor of young women already living in poverty), the TPP will create more opportunities for corporations to squeeze every penny out of their labor costs. Start paying attention now – President Obama is aggressively backing it. [Feministing]



Are selfies causing head lice infestations? Lice travel via contact between two heads, so it may just be that those selfies you take all scrunched next to your bestie are bad for you, after all. [The Guardian]



New (well, old) fashion hero: Iris Apfel, the 93-year-old subject of the forthcoming documentary Iris. Apfel made a name for herself by running Old World Weavers, a company that sold out-of-print textiles. In the process of scouring thrift and second-hand stores for fabrics, she’s created a totally wacky sense of style that just works, somehow. She calls herself a “geriatric starlet,” guys, and she’s really right. [VICE]

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