China Cracks Down On The Hottest Trend In Funerals — Strippers!

File this under things that are both amazing and horrible: funerals in China are now featuring strippers. Mostly prevalent in rural China, the strippers perform to drum up attendance and to gather a crowd. Funerals in China are often day-long affairs, complete with wakes, overnight vigils and copious amounts of ceremony. The amount of people that show up to your funeral is an indication of how wealthy you and your family are. So, what better way to get attention and draw a crowd than two strippers sweeping the floor with it in front of a portrait of your deceased great-uncle?

As one might imagine, the scene is kind of a lot. From NPR:

A woman in a short, white skirt and halter top pulls a mourner on stage and begins to undress him, while periodically peeling off a piece of her own clothing.

A digital ticker tape in Mandarin tries to remind mourners how sad they are about the dearly departed as a sexually suggestive song pounds in the background.

Funeral strippers aren’t cheap. The average strip troupe will charge around $1,000 a performance, which is not a small chunk of change. I like to think that a stripper at a funeral is a whimsical way to show respect — a tribute to your ah-gong’s fondness for fine dancing, perhaps — but I can totally see how and why this would be horrifying and upsetting for many. If you choose to hire strippers for your next funeral, think very, very carefully. [NPR]