Women In Washington, D.C. Can Now Be Fired For Using Birth Control


In a new ABC poll, more than six in 10 Americans support gay marriage for the first time, and those who “strongly support” gay marriage outnumber those who “strongly oppose” it by a margin of 15 points. This comes ahead of next week’s Supreme Court decision on the legalization of gay marriage on the federal level. Fingers crossed! [ABC]


A House committee voted to overturn a new Washington D.C. law that would have banned employment discrimination based on reproductive health decisions like using IVF, having an abortion, or even using birth control. The Archdiocese of D.C. and religious conservatives were happy, of course, because they’re always happy when they can oppress people who aren’t themselves. [DCist]


A local French council is having to withdraw a set of health handbooks for children because the cover depicted a boy smiling and holding his hand over his head, indicating that he wanted to grow taller, while just behind him a young girl stood looking down while measuring her waist, apparently distraught. Because OF COURSE. It’ll cost the council €33,000 to reprint the brochures with a more appropriate cover. [The Guardian]



Let’s all take a moment to remember Mary Doyle Keefe, the woman who posed for Norman Rockwell’s “Rosie the Riveter” (the cherub-faced woman holding machinery and eating a sandwich, not the foxy lady in the handkerchief, who’s often confused for Rosie). Keefe got $10 for her two mornings of modeling, back in 1943, when she was a 19-year-old telephone operator. She was 92. [CNN]
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