Woman Discovers Brain Tumor Is Actually An “Evil Twin”

When Yamini Karanam, a 26-year-old grad student in Indiana, started developing headaches, reading comprehension issues and crippling fatigue, she knew that something was wrong with her brain. But she probably wasn’t expecting to learn that there was a teratoma, replete with teeth, bones and teeth, pressing on her pineal gland and wrecking havoc on her life.

The “evil twin sister” that has been living inside Karanam’s brain for her entire life is a medical mystery that have baffled scientists over the years. Teratoma are largely believed to be the remains of an embryonic twin, never fully developed and absorbed into the body. I find embryonic twins to be both fascinating and terrifying at the same time, and the idea that a tumor on your body could have teeth, strands of hair and wisps of internal organs is equal parts terrifying and amazing. Glad you’re doing okay, girl!

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