Here Is The Michelle Tanner Impression You Never Wanted To See, Courtesy Of Andy Cohen

The “Full House” reboot is underway and to kick off the oncoming ceaseless news cycle of “Full House” news, Andy Cohen brought Lori Loughlin to his show, “Watch What Happens Live.” Aunt Becky isn’t quite sure she’ll be returning to the reboot just yet, but to get her warmed up, she reenacted a heartwarming scene from an episode entitled “Michelle A La Carte.” In this episode, Michelle tackles sexism head-on when her snotty neighbor Kenny tells her that girls can’t race in a box car derby.

Andy strapped on a blonde wig and a helmet to play the most horrifying rendition of the Olsen twins I have seen to date, while guest Jerry O’Connell played DJ. It’s a frightening bit of theatre, and further proof that Andy Cohen needs to step down from his on-camera duties. Baby-talk is best left for the confines of your own home. Watching Andy Cohen, a “grown” man, mug his way through an impersonation of a lisping six-year-old, is something no one should have to see.

[h/t Jezebel]