Today’s Lady News: Earth Day Edition!


Read about the very first Earth Day in 1970, suggested by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson as “a day for serious discussion of environmental problems.” Over 20 million Americans participated in Earth Day events, including nature walks, lectures, and a quiet parade on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Today, it’s an international event, and it’s awesome to see how involved and engaged we’ve been (or at least, tried to be) with environmental issues for the last 45 years. [TIME]


In other Wisconsin and Earth Day-related news, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has laid off 57 employees in the state’s Department of Natural Resources as part of his budget cuts – effective today. The employees in question were specifically in the Bureau of Science Services, because who needs scientists when you’re making decisions about the environment? So Happy Earth Day, I guess, Wisconsin DNR employees…? [RawStory]


Here’s a collection of things we’ve learned about Earth since Earth Day 2014, which is weird inasmuch as we’ve discovered some pretty weird new species (wild banana!), and inasmuch as the things we’re doing to our planet are making it feel increasingly science fictional (garbage islands in every single ocean!). [Vox]


And finally, here’s a list of novels that’ll turn you into an environmentalist, including one of my favorites (Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, if you must know), one of my upcoming reads (Ballard’s The Drowned World), and plenty of classics in a variety of genres. Spring reading list! [Flavorwire]

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