Now This Is How You Get Revenge On A Cheating Boyfriend

We have a late addition to yesterday’s list of best revenge plots in history! Twitter user @foolishnessfly2 was none too pleased when she discovered her boyfriend had been running around on her, so she did what any woman in a white hot rage would do, let’s be honest, if they weren’t afraid of the consequences: she dumped her now-ex’s array of Apple products into the bathtub. His large monitor took a leisurely solo soak, followed by the rest of his arsenal — three laptops, a couple iPhones, and a few iPads that I can see. All together, cheating probably cost this dude upwards of $10,000 — plus the additional humiliation of seeing photos of the water-y grave retweeted 16,000 times. Too bad Apple is not known for being nearly as generous as PornHub, huh? [Death & Taxes]