Starbucks Will Sell You This $50 Mother’s Day Giftcard At A 400 Percent Markup

For just a fraction of the cost of the Apple Watch, you can now buy your mom the Mother’s Day gift she always wanted: a Starbucks gift card worth just pennies on the dollars you actually spent on it! You see, this is no ordinary Starbucks gift card — it’s a gift card made of ceramic (the material cheap floor tiles are made out of) that costs $200 and is only worth $50 when you actually try to use it.

In comparison, an actual ceramic tile would cost you just one dollar and 28 cents, and would provide more than enough material for at least three Starbucks gift cards. As Grubstreet points out, while Starbucks is no stranger to overpriced gift cards not worth the amount you spent on them, even the fancy metal ones came with a better return on investment: $450 for a copper-ish metal card still bought you $400 worth of racially-unencumbered frappucinos.

But perhaps the reason for the $150 markup in the best gift of all: giving your mom a reason to nag you about your wasetful habits, already wrapped in a pretty box nonetheless, so she doesn’t have to dig one up herself. [Grub Street]