Adrienne Truscott Does Rape Comedy Right


Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else!, as seen at Joe’s Pub in New York (and returning there on May 30), appears to be a real winner in the category of rape comedy. During the performance, Truscott takes the stage naked from waist to heel, draws parallels between “legitimate rape” theorist Todd Akin and Daisy Duck, and projects offensive clips on her skin, creating a dark but very pointedly thoughtful commentary on rape culture. See it for me, I don’t think she’s coming to Chicago anytime soon. [Flavorwire]


A new report shows that only 58 percent of young people with autism are employed, compared to 74 percent of young people with intellectual disabilities, 95 percent of young people with learning disabilities, and 91 percent of young people with speech impairments or emotional disturbances. Two-thirds of people with autism have no job or education plans in the two years after high school, and for one-third, this continues into their early 20s, and 25 percent of young people with autism have not seen or spoken to their friends in a year. There’s a thought that this might be because of the shift from manual to service labor in the last 50 years, service labor requiring much more social interaction, but moreover there’s a sudden lack of services and resources for people with autism after they graduate from high school. [NPR]


Here’s a trove of stories from gaming enthusiasts about the online trolls they’ve encountered in their day. For the most part, they involve trolls either being weirdly obsessive about specific people or just casually dropping weird shit (like Holocaust denial) into threads, comments, or even headset conversations while gaming. My personal favorite involves the Vengaboys. [Kotaku]

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