Watch Jessie Ware & Jesse Boykins III Sing Their Hearts Out, Catch All The Feelings

Jessie Ware is a silken-voiced angel who seems disarmingly sweet, nice and normal, so it is no surprise that her Tiny Desk Concert at NPR gives me goosebumps. Her music is an excellent soundtrack for long walks, makeout sessions and times when you need to cry but don’t have the mental energy to muster the tears, best played at top volume, so her voice and lush production can fill the space. But she packs a stronger, gutsier punch when singing in an intimate setting, with nothing more than a guitar and a rapt audience, most of whom I can safely assume were weeping silently after listening. Watch her casually blow through three of her bona fide jams — “Say You Love Me,” “Wildest Moments” and “Champagne Kisses” — with her hands in her pockets, like it ain’t no thang. [NPR]