“High Maintenance” Is Coming to HBO

In a cleverly timed bit of brand synergy that I can forgive because I am obviously stoned and thus incredibly chill, HBO announced today, on 4/20, that Vimeo’s popular web “High Maintenance” will be moving to HBO for a six-episode run.

The delightfully poignant stoner web series, which take a reflective look at the lives of the various New York residents who patronize a weed dealer referred to only as “the Guy,” has been on Vimeo for its past two seasons. While “High Maintenance” was Vimeo’s first foray into scripted development and was made available free on the platform, the show quickly became a critical darling, allowing Vimeo and the series’ creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair (who plays “The Guy”) to charge $1.99 per episode. With the move to HBO, the 19 episodes that have currently aired on Vimeo will also be made available on HBO, and its HBOGo and HBONow platforms.

For those who haven’t seen it, even if you don’t actually indulge in any sort of herbal remedies of your own, “High Maintenance” is just one of the best shows around. While the web to cable move may seem reminiscent of two other comedies, YouTube to Comedy Central’s “Broad City,” and web to Showtime’s “Web Therapy,” Blichfeld and Sinclair have carved out a sub-genre of their own that is equal parts dramatic and moving as it is irreverent and light. It’s the mumblecore of web series, before mumblecore became mumblecloying. This episode, starring “Downton Abbey”‘s Dan Stevens, and Blichfeld (who used to be a casting director and won an Emmy for her casting work on “30 Rock”) is one of the show’s best, and picked up an Emmy of its own.

Do yourself a favor, pack the best bowl your own Guy can offer, kick back and catch up on the chillest web series around, before it comes to HBO and everyone pretends they, too, knew about it first.


[Image via Vimeo]