Cory Booker Is Calling Congress Out On Its “Pot Hypocrisy”


New Jersey Senator and general cool guy Cory Booker is calling for politicians to quit it with their “pot hypocrisy.” He and New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand recently introduced a bill that would take away the threat of federal prosecution for using medical marijuana in places where it’s legal. Booker told CNN: “We now have three presidents that have admitted to smoking marijuana. People in public office, all throughout the Senate, have said, ‘Hey, I’ve smoked marijuana recreationally.’ How much of a hypocrite do you have to be to say that I broke American laws using pot as a recreational thing, that I’m not going to support this idea, as a medicine for severely sick people, that they shouldn’t be able to access this drug.” [RawStory]


A study from Stanford suggests that after a second infraction, teachers report being 25 percent more troubled with the behavior of Black students than by the same behavior in White students, and feel that Black students should be punished 30 percent more severely than their White classmates. Says psychology graduate student Jason Okofonua: “I think most teachers are well intentioned and hard working people. Thus, I think that it is important to help teachers understand that stereotyping can get in the way of their intentions.” [PS Mag]


If you want to know what it’s like to time travel, check out this interview with a woman who, at 32, took a nap and woke up with only her memories until she was 15 years old. It took years, but she did recover the other 17 years of her life that she lost to transient global amnesia, mostly through diaries she had kept for 20 years. Reading them as her 15-year-old self helped her to become more compassionate and forgiving to herself as an adult. [VICE]

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