Charges Dismissed Against Chicago Officer Who Shot Rekia Boyd In The Head

A judge has dismissed the manslaughter charge against the Chicago officer who killed an unarmed Black woman, saying that there is “no evidence of reckless conduct.” Back in 2012, Officer Dante Servin approached 22-year-old Rekia Boyd and her friends in a park and told them to keep the noise down; when one of the men in the group reached for what Servin thought was a gun, he fired his own weapon from inside his police vehicle, hitting Boyd in the back of the head and killing her. Servin has not been dismissed from the force, though he has been desk duty since the incident, and now that charges have been dropped, one wonders how long it’ll be before he is back policing the streets of Chicago. While these results in the criminal case are a tremendous disappointment, in 2013, Boyd’s family won a $4.5 million wrongful death suit against the city. [The Root]