Ohio School Photoshops The Word ‘Feminist’ Off Of A Girl’s Shirt, Calls It ‘Offensive’

Middle school student and my new bff Sophie Thomas of Clermont Northeastern Middles School in Batavia, Ohio wore a shirt to photo day that said FEMINIST in glaring white letters – which the school then decided to totally wipe out in post.

Do I still have to live in a country where the word feminist is considered offensive by a formal place of education? Because I really don’t want to anymore.

The middle school’s principal Kendra Young said the word was removed to ‘prevent any unintended controversies’. Controversies, you mean like pissing off people who don’t believe in equal rights for all regardless of gender and race and anything else? I suppose we must consider the misogynists in all of the middle schools across the land. You’re right Kendra Young!

After this suppression of expression, Thomas started a campaign on Instagram with the hashtag ##IDESERVEFREEDOMOFEXPRESSION where she urged her peers to post photos showing their support for feminism and freedom of expression.

My new teen hero was quoted as saying: “People around here misconstrue the word [feminism].Like, ‘Oh, you’re a feminist so you hate men.’ I just want to spread equality, and a lot of people here don’t agree with me.” (I LOVE YOU SOPHIE).

We have your back Sophie, please keep fighting the good fight!

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