Maureen Dowd Needs To Sit Down

In all of Maureen Dowd’s years of writing editorial for The New York Times, I never thought she would go this far down the gender binary path. She manages to call Hillary Clinton overly masculine while slamming Obama for being feminized all in the same paragraph. Happy Sunday and happy internalized misogyny, Maureen!

This is her first sentence: “The most famous woman on the planet has a confounding problem. She can’t figure out how to campaign as a woman.”

Can we unpack that for a second? What the hell does that even mean? Is Hillary supposed to be baking pies and visiting the doorstep of every citizen while she giggles quietly? Is she supposed to be flinging her hair and wearing crop tops? I don’t even know what you are talking about, Maureen, and I think Hillary is doing just fine. She is acting like a person who is campaigning for president.

Dowd is slamming Hillary the same way she is worried about Republicans slamming Hillary, thereby being just as bad as them:

“Let’s hope that the hokey Chipotle Granny will give way to the cool Tumblr Chick in time to teach her Republican rivals — who are coming after her with every condescending, misogynist, distorted thing they’ve got — that bitch is still the new black.”

I knew the think pieces about Hillary’s campaign were going to be bad, but this early on, I can now safely say that none of us knew quite how bad.

Time to take a seat, Dowd.

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