Bald Eagles Return To NYC After 100 Years

A bald eagle couple has been found making a home (nest) in New York City, the first to do so in a century, ornithologists report. They appear to be starting a family on the South Shore of Staten Island. Local birders have named the male Bald Eagle Vito, and the couple are engaging in brooding behavior which means that they definitely have some eggs that they are incubating in that nest.

Ok, so unfortunately they have to live in Staten Island – which wouldn’t be my borough of choice – but still, I am so happy to have a family of bald eagles back!

The effort to restore these birds back from the seriously endangered, is spearheaded by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The birds originally became endangered because of the harmful wide-spread use of DDT and other deadly pesticides until they were banned in 1972. It’s taken a while to get eagles and other species of birds back to healthy populations again.

Hey eagles, let’s go for brunch soon, k?