Global Warming Is Causing Spiders To Become Giant Breeding Speeding Hell Monsters

The 1990 cinematic triumph “Arachnophobia” is becoming a reality.

As if we didn’t have enough horror in the world, scientists have to show up and give us the very upsetting news that global warming is causing spiders to become faster, larger and more numerous. With warmer climate, spiders become more limber, breed more and basically just become healthier and heftier in general. How about nope?? I am not one of those people that squirms at every spider, but I must admit that the idea of GIANT racing spiders in excess makes me want to crawl back into the womb.

This post probably should have come with a trigger warning and I apologize for doing this to you today, but maybe it will make us treat the planet we are living on a bit better? I can’t think of a better PR campaign for a case for climate change awareness than monster spiders taking over the world.

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