Michael Bublé Had Things To Say About A Random Lady’s Butt

I’m gonna be honest here, and tell you that pretty much all I know about Michael Bublé is that my mom really, really hates him and sometimes I bring him up to her just so she can tell me how much she hates him because it’s pretty hilarious. I assume he must have come across as smug on some talk show or something. My mom hates people who come across as smug on talk shows.

Anyway, apparently Michael Bublé is as gross as my mom thinks he is, and posted an Instagram a few days ago, with a woman’s derrière featured somewhat prominently in the background, along with some less than classy hashtags.

Apparently some people are saying this is “body shaming”? I’m not really sure that it’s that, but it is surely the actions of a creepy weirdo.

Of course, some of those commenting are going the line of “OH. She totally wants ATTENTION with those shorts. She is probably super happy that her butt is on Michael Bublé’s Instagram!” and that is probably not a thing. I mean, I don’t know this girl personally, but I for one do not roll up to the coffee shop in a T-shirt and shorts thinking Surely THIS will be the day that people notice my ass and it ends up on Michael Bublé’s Instagram! No. I am just there for coffee and to be left alone.

Unless you know for sure that some woman wants to have her ass on Michael Bublé’s Instagram along with your charming hashtag comments, it’s probably safest to assume that she does not. I would imagine that had Michael Bublé asked her and said “Hey, do you mind if I Instagram your ass to my million followers along with a comment about how your shorts are eating your ass?” that she probably would have said no.

TL;DR: My mom is totally right about everything and Michael Bublé is a creepy weirdo.

UPDATE: Dude released a lame-ass apology.

“Anybody who knows me would never misinterpret the message of the photo my wife took in Miami that seems to have caused unexpected rage by some people. I do not court controversy. But I realize that a photo that was meant to be complimentary and lighthearted has turned into a questionable issue. For the record, it hurts me deeply that anyone would think that I would disrespect women or be insulting to any human being … I was not brought up that way and it is not in my character. I regret that there are people out there who found the photo offensive. That was not and is not my intention. Women are to be celebrated, loved, respected, honored and revered. I’ve spent my life believing that and will continue to do so.”