Instagram Specifically Bans Female Nipples, Is Totes Fine With Male Nipples


Anita Sarkeesian made TIME’s annual list of most-influential people. The entry is written by geek favorite, and Amelia’s original celebrity dream boyfriend, Wil Wheaton: “Anita is a feminist for the digital age, using modern tools and platforms to engage thousands of people who want to hear her thoughts and respond to the challenges she raises.” Plenty of internet d-bags will hate this, but you know, the fact that Tropes vs. Women in Video Games pisses off certain segments of the gaming community as much as it does is precisely demonstrative of Sarkeesian’s influence in her field. [TIME]


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has released a report on its internal investigation into claims of sexual harassment committed by alleged rapist and former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi. The report reveals that many, many employees found Ghomeshi’s behavior in the workplace not just sexually inappropriate, but abusive and egomaniacal in general. It also addresses a CBC management team that was complicit and enabling, excusing Ghomeshi’s behavior with the unstated belief that “people who occupy the role of an on air host inevitably have big personalities, big egos, and big demands.” [Slate]


Instagram’s new guidelines specifically ban images of female nipples except in the case of breastfeeding mothers, post-mastectomy breasts, and artwork. I put this under “weirdest” because it is fucking weird. Male nipples? Cool. Nipples with fatty tissue underneath? NOT COOL. Grow up, Instagram, and maybe don’t treat your copious numbers of female users like we’re second-class. [Cosmopolitan]


A middle school in Ohio blurred out the word “feminist” on an 8th-grader’s t-shirt, so she started campaigning against it. Now other students are wearing “feminist” t-shirts to school in solidarity, her story has trended on Twitter, and the school has apologized. Dope! Like one of her friends said, “This is proof that you can make a difference.” [Buzzfeed]