I Should Have Gotten High Before Watching Jason Statham Dance In a Leopard Print Speedo

Someone texted me in all caps last night at three AM “JASON STATHAM DANCING IN A BANANA HAMMOCK NOT A DRILL,” and I regret immediately waking up to watch this video because that means that I was just groggy, but not actually stoned, which I definitely should have been to watch this video of Jason Statham dancing in a Speedo – and one made of leopard print no less.

As the Daily Dot sussed out thanks to an inrepid Reddit user, Statham used to have quite the illustrious go-go dancing career before he became a famous on-screen badass, so if European swimwear isn’t your fancy per se, perhaps silver body paint is.

This is what I get for letting something as stupid as sleep get in the way of getting stoned.