Can We Please Have A Selena-Inspired MAC Collection?

It’s been 20 years since the death of Selena Quintanilla, and much like her music, her signature makeup look is still just as coveted today as it was in 1995. There are about a billion YouTube tutorials featuring her trademark red lips and dark brows, so why not launch a Selena-inspired cosmetics collection? Countless celebs have had their own MAC line — Miley Cyrus and Rihanna come to mind — and as NPR pointed out, even Miss Piggy had one! Selena fan and LA jewelry designer Patty Rodriguez took note, and launched a petition asking MAC to create a Selena makeup line.

The petition has reached 31,000 signatures so far and is inching closer to its goal of 35,000. Another fan put together a mock-up of what the packaging might look like, with purple casing reminiscent of the famous sparkly jumpsuit she wore onstage and the logo used in the 1997 “Selena” film. Rodriguez told NPR she’s been in touch with Selena’s family regarding the petition, which leads me to believe they’re enthusiastic about it too, and she’s pushing for MAC to reach out to the family. Rodriguez has also contacted MAC herself, and a rep for the brand responded to her with a vague email that didn’t commit to a line one way or another but did acknowledge “the passion and joy Selena brought to the world.” Um, does MAC not realize this line would sell out in approximately ten seconds and make them bank?

This weekend, thousands of fans will head to Corpus Christi, Texas for Fiesta de la Flor, a music festival meant to honor Quintanilla’s short life and to mark the twentieth anniversary of her murder at age 23 by the president of her fan club. This would be a perfect time for the beauty biz to pay tribute to her by going forward with the collection. If MAC isn’t game, I imagine there are plenty of other options to be found with other cosmetic companies, but having your own MAC line is a distinct honor, one that Quintanilla and her fans deserve! Sign the petition here, press play on one of her old music videos, and get ready to rock some fantastic brick-red lips. [NPR]