Rihanna Gets Political In Her New Video For “American Oxygen”

Finally, here is the video for “American Oxygen,” the song that Rihanna released exclusively on Tidal a week ago. It’s now available for us plebes who aren’t willing to pay $20 a month for a music service that apparently sort of sucks. The video for “American Oxygen” is a casual indictment of her adopted homeland, with breezy, faux-optimistic lyrics about chasing the American Dream playing out over footage from #BlackLivesMatter protests and the Twin Towers moments before impact.

Many people will yell and gnash their teeth and pound their keyboards about how Rihanna isn’t American, so why is she singing about the American Dream and who cares and this isn’t for her and go back to Barbados. I am here to tell you that those people are idiots, and also, that’s kind of the point. America’s been good to Rihanna, and she knows it. But she’s not blind to its shit, either. This should quiet the haters, at least temporarily.