Just Look At This Asshole: Michigan Mechanic Refuses To Service Gay Cars, Says He Is Not A “Racists”

Meet Brian Klawiter! Brian Klawiter is a mechanic in the state of Michigan who has recently drawn some attention after making an announcement on the Facebook page for his company, Dieseltec, about how he will not be repairing the cars of any gay people who come into his shop. As we all know, repairing homosexual cars is one of the most common ways people can catch “the gay.” In fact, I believe that is where the term “diesel dyke” first originated.

Here is the post, for all to enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.45.18 PM

I really like how this guy starts out by saying that it is unfair for people to think he’s a bigot, and ends with saying he won’t service the cars of gay people and is not “racists” but is “quick to judge” people–and I don’t think it is out of the realm of possibility to assume which people he means.

I’d love to know though–what the hell does he think a bigot is? I mean, I sincerely don’t think anyone would have said, “Oh hey, clearly, that dude is a bigot, what with him being a white person with a job who goes to church and has a gun!” before he opened his mouth and started saying bigoted things.

The rather awkward thing here? What Klawiter is doing isn’t even technically illegal in his area of Michigan! It is, however, pretty goddamned repulsive. I am also pretty sure that it’s not the world’s best business policy to suggest that you will do a crap job on the cars of people with whom you disagree. I must say, even if he was talking about a thing I agreed with, I would find that rather sketchy. Especially when you’re talking about something that could possibly lead to someone being injured. Like, I don’t like people like Brian Klawiter much, but I certainly have no desire to see them maimed in an automobile wreck.

After the post drew ire from the community and was passed around, Klawiter appeared on the local news for a segment about his policies.

OH. My bad. That is Lester Maddox defending his “right” to not let black people into his restaurant. This is actually the news segment from WOOD Michigan featuring Brian Klawiter defending his “right” to not fix cars brought in by gay people. The two were so alike I must have mixed them up! Whoopsie!

Interestingly, right after the segment aired, a GoFundMe account was set up for Klawiter, but taken down soon after.

Call me a cynic … but I have an inkling that this dude saw how much money those pizza bigots got and wanted to cash in. Honestly? Going public with your disdain for gay people has way better chances than the lottery if you want to earn a few hundred thousand in a few days. It’s sad but true. I mean, unless this is what you’re going for, there’s probably not much of a reason to randomly come forward as a mechanic and say you’re not going to work on the cars of people you can tell are gay.