Badass Mom Livetweets Her Son’s Absurd Abstinence Only Class

Wednesday morning, Alice Dreger, a professor at Northwestern medical school, decided to sit in on her son’s abstinence-only sex education class to see what garbage they were feeding her child. It weren’t pretty, I’ll tell you that much. Dreger ended up live-tweeting the whole mess–which, unsurprisingly, was filled with a lot of “if you have sex you will get pregnant, have no friends, and everyone will shun you and maybe force you to wear a scarlet letter”-type wisdom.

The tweets were compiled in a storify by Russell Harmon. It’s worth a read–the whole thing is both hilarious in it’s absurdity and truly sad in the way that this is what kids are actually being taught.

I understand that people like the idea of teenagers “just not having sex until they’re married.” If abstinence education worked–which it does not–it would make a lot of things pretty easy, especially on parents. But it doesn’t, and not giving kids the tools they need to have sex as safely and with as few consequences as possible, is a dangerous thing to do.

But the thing is, you can’t just work with the way you want things to be, you have to deal with the world as it is. Teenagers don’t need to hear the message that if they have sex they will be ruined for life, or that if women don’t say “no” they’re not “good girls” who are worth marrying. That’s incredibly messed up! We don’t need anyone thinking like that about themselves, or about other people. That does not help anything whatsoever.

I’m sorry that this is a thing that happens in our schools. It should absolutely not be happening. Because as silly as it may feel to sit around putting condoms on bananas, at least the kids who get comprehensive sex-ed know how to protect and take care of themselves.

[h/t Alternet]