Watch Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande Lip Sync To “I Really Like You”

In a move that grimly reinforces the fact that Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” will be stuck in our heads on a loop from roughly Memorial Day through October, Justin Bieber enlisted the help of Ariana Grande and some other famous pals to make a lip syncing video of the song that’s jam-packed with all the celebrity youthz you love to hate. Ariana, Justin and Carly share the same manager, so the move is more calculated than the spontaneous fun that Biebs tries to make it look like. It’s kind of weird to see imagery of Justin’s epic douche aesthetic paired with such a sugary song, but he’s surely easier to watch than my least favorite pop diva Ariana. Keep your eyes pealed for the bonus appearance of our least favorite Grande, Ariana’s horrible brother Frankie. [Refinery29]