There Will Be Peen: “Magic Mike XXL” Will Be Scarce On Plot, But Feature Plenty Of Dick

“No plot. Just a bunch of naked dudes sitting around doing dude stuff. We read all the message boards, and people were like, ‘Less story. Less plot. Just dudes’ things.’ And we listened to that.”

Bless Channing Tatum for appealing to the horny masses and cutting back on silly things like storyline in order to make room for more enhanced dick in “Magic Mike XXL.” And yes, those “dudes’ things” will be bigger and better than ever, according to Channing, who (maybe) joked to Entertainment Weekly that he and the rest of his stripping cast mates have been taking penis enhancement pills “so we weren’t worried about what temperature the room was when we came out to do our dances.” July 1 cannot get here soon enough. [EW]