Now There Are “No Catcall Zones” In NYC

The weather’s getting warmer, skirts and dresses are finally an option, and the catcallers of your fair city are emerging from their holes, honing their hollers and sharpening their whistles. Catcalling is of course a year round thing, but it really turns up every time it gets warm, and no matter where you stand on that issue, it’s annoying. That’s why Feminist Apparel, a non-profit, started posting these “No Catcall Zone” signs in various parts of New York.  Surely this will work, right? Men definitely read and respond to adorable signs imploring them to not grab their crotches when a woman walks by? Something tells me that it won’t.

A brief perusal of Feminist Apparel’s site tells me that they traffic in the kind of  cheeky, winky graphics that bring to mind a more evolved Forever 21 or a particularly fancy Etsy store. I don’t particularly care for misogyny either, but I don’t need a cartoon fox under a daisy chain to help me broadcast that message. It’s no surprise that this is the way they’ve chosen to take a stand against this scourge, but packaging it in a way that’s cutesy — Cats! Flowers! The Spice Girls!– takes away from what they’re actually trying to do.

I agree with the sentiment — it sucks to walk down the street in a dress, on your way to buy toilet paper, and have to contend with leers and kissy noises. But it seems a little cutesy to put up signs instructing men to behave themselves (as if that’s all it takes). The message itself is great, but the medium is a little fuzzy. [Gothamist]