Fight For $15 Protests Are Taking Place In 230 Cities Nationwide Today


Fight for $15 protests are expanding today, with demonstrations taking place in 230 cities across the United States in support of raising the minimum wage. McDonald’s is a particular target of the protests and the movement despite their announcement of $1 per hour pay increases for workers at company-owned (rather than franchised) stores. McDonald’s says it supports their workers’ and others’ right to protest peacefully, and CEO Steve Easterbrook recently wrote that he wants McDonald’s to be a “modern, progressive burger company.” Too bad many of their franchise owners are being big whiny rich greedy babies about it. [Chicago Tribune]


Edomex, an industrial suburb on the northern fringes of Mexico City, has seen the disappearance of thousands of girls and women in the last decade – over 1200 just between 2011 and 2012. Although Ciudad Juárez has received more international attention for femicide, Edomex sees a femicide rate 10 times higher, possibly because of a higher rate of poverty and a less central sense of community – but, importantly, also because low to no investigations are launched into disappearances. [The Guardian]



A game called Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim is coming out soon. It’s a dating simulation RPG with gay orcs. The game’s creator, Mitch Alexander, says that he used orcs because the language used to describe them is close to the language used to describe members of marginalized groups. Read this surprisingly convincing interview for more insight on gay orcs! (I don’t know what to do with the existence of that sentence in my oeuvre.) [VICE]



Jamin Warren broke down why and how he became a “video game feminist” on his show, Game/Show, not least of all that women as sex objects in video games “start to feel stale,” and he started looking for more relatable female characters. “Privilege is not a zero-sum game,” he says. [The Mary Sue]
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