P!nk Will Have None Of Your Body-Shaming, Thank You Very Much

P!nk appeared at a cancer benefit on Saturday looking gorgeous in a beautiful black dress. Apparently, she also looked a few pounds heavier than she usually does (though I’m still failing to see it), and because we live in a strange world that tries to insist women should defend their every move to some mystical Body Police, she spent the next several days at the center of heated Twitter “controversy.” The internet unleashed a host of insults, concern-trolled the hell out of her, and even suggested she stop producing music (!). As if inhabiting her own body is a moral failing! Even typing it out feels ridiculous. There has to be something on this earth more interesting to her critics than the body of a woman they’ve never met, right? How boring are these people? But much like the fabulous Kelly Clarkson, P!nk had nothing but class to hand back to the bullies. It’s just one more reason I will never stop pretending Missundaztood is still cool.