ModCloth Co-Founder Says That Selling Clothes For All Sizes Is Good For Business

Here is some news that should surprise no one: If you make clothes that fit all body types, you will make more money. In an op-ed over at The Business Of Fashion, ModCloth co-founder Susan Koger tackled this issue head on. After surveying customers in 2010, asking how they could improve business, the clear consensus was that there was a need for more and varied options in plus-sized clothing. Koger and her team responded, enlisting people to put actual thought into the design and fit of their plus size offerings and creating a line of clothing that real women would actually want to wear. The results, as you can imagine, were spectacular. She writes:

Size 16 and above is our fastest growing category and, in 2014, sales in size 16 and above doubled year on year. We have found that styles in a full range of sizes sell around 20 percent more units and customers who buy sizes 16 and above place 20 percent more orders than the average consumer. These customers are also 66 percent more likely to spread positive feedback about their purchases on social media.

The demand for beautiful, normal, regular clothing options for plus size women is much, much higher than the supply. As it stands, what’s available in regular stores consists merely of polyester tent dresses and weird, unflattering patterned things, meant to hide and conceal the supposed flaws than just fit correctly on a body that is larger than a size 8. Say what you will about the sometimes unbearable “put-a-bird-on-it” aesthetic of ModCloth, the fact of the matter is that they create clothing for plus-size women that are fashionable, well-made and flattering. Even if they’re more expensive than the fast fashion options available at your local Forever 21, women are willing to spend the money.

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[h/t Cosmopolitan]