GoDaddy CEO Mocks His High School Aged Son For Ending Up In A GQ Slideshow Of Coachella’s Hottest Partiers

As someone who was very recently a teen (that is my story and I’m sticking to it), the one implicit yet unstated rule of your parents letting you do cool, if not wholly age-appropriate activities is that you LOCK THAT SHIT UP. You don’t drink to excess, you don’t share it all over social media, and you definitely don’t end up in a slideshow from GQ entitled “Coachella’s Wildest Revelers and Hottest Parties.”

Unfortunately for cool teen Griffin Irving, a gauzy photo of his steamy Coachella embrace did indeed end up as the penultimate photo in GQ’s wild and hot slideshow. But while GQ kept the teen anonymous, his dad Blake Irving, CEO of female-objectifying website seller GoDaddy, had no problem selling him right out on Facebook.

godaddy ceo blake irving shames son coachella gq

Something tells us that your kid heading further away to a large Pac-12 school may not cut down on his romantic entanglements being captured for the social media age, but we support the public shaming all the same. You go, Daddy. (Sorry.)

[Image via GQ]