There Were Naked Men Aplenty On The “Game Of Thrones” Season 5 Premiere

Last night’s season five premiere of “Game of Thrones” appeared to taken some past criticism to heart and finally evened the male-to-female nudity ratio by giving viewers plenty of naked man ass to ogle. To be honest, I haven’t actually watched the episode yet, as last night I was too busy gripping the ass of the naked man in my home. Yes, I’m bragging:

Anyway, according to those keen-eyed pervs over at the blog The Stoner’s Journal, I have much to look forward to when I finally sit down to watch tonight. Like this ass, belonging to Olyvar, who is Loras Tyrell’s latest piece:


Clearly, Margaery approves:


Meanwhile, Daenarys is still tappin’ dat Daario ass. Props to the lighting crew for the excellent highlights and shadowing on his taut tush:


Check out more screenshots over at Stoner’s Journal, and keep your finger’s crossed that Jamie Lannister drops his trousers in the next episode. I need it. [Stoner’s Journal]