Morons Can’t Stop Paying Hundreds For This Adult Tricycle

Back in the days when I hoped to be a trendsetter, I used to scour the homepage of Kickstarter looking for projects to fund, like some kind of low-income bracket Miss Havisham. This is how my home has ended up littered with a game that promised to be the next Cards Against Humanity (it was not), a documentary intended to highlight the impact of racial tension on teenagers (it was never delivered), and a pair of jeans that promised to become the only pair of pants I would ever wear (true, until they ripped after just three months of light wear). So yeah, to say I am well versed in bad Kickstarters is like saying Magic Johnson knows a little bit about basketball. But this Halfbike II? Even I can’t get behind the fact that y’all crazies have spent over $300,000 on a tricycle for adults.

Wired calls the Bulgarian product a “pedal-powered Segway hybrid,” which is far more generous a term than I would use for it, unless the implication is that this wannabike is just as stupid as the Segway was, in which case, correct. The standing trike, which has no seat, operates on no fancy gyroscope-type features like the Segway did, just a few small wheels and a willful desire to make its rider look like an adult who still lives at home with their mother. It does look incredibly lightweight and portable, so there is that, I suppose.

The Halfbike II is set to retail at $599 when it’s released this summer, but Kickstarter donors with a lot of money to throw around can scoop one up at just $399. Since launching, the bike has pedaled past its original goal of $50,000 to pull in over $300 K with 19 days still left to go. It’s a tricycle for adults. Capitalism, man. [Wired]