Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch “Lost River,” Play A Dark Room & Slow-Roast Some Salmon


  • Here’s a very long, but well-written and thorough profile of Kanye West in T Magazine this weekend that sheds some light on his process, the way he thinks and also neatly ushers haters to the left. -- Megan
  • The big, honkin’ profile of Toni Morrison as elder stateswoman and preeminent chronicler of the quotidian black experience in the New York Times Magazine is a work of great beauty. Savor it over the whole weekend, because it’s that good. – Megan
  • Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Water Museum, one of his THREE books being published in a short span of months (how does he do it?), and this one a collection of short stories. It has been raved about and I’m very excited to read it. — Rebecca
  • The hype has died down sufficiently, so you can feel confident bucking convention by starting Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan trilogy now, about six months after it peaked. – Megan
  • I’m reading the novel End of DaysLargely popular in Europe and the winner of the prestigious Hans Fallada Prize, I read about in the London Review of Books and it sparked my interests. It is a multi-narration/multi-generational novel that spans the horrors of WWII with present day modernist anxieties. – Katrin
  • Read the brilliant Mychal Denzel Smith’s appeal to abolish the police over at The Nation. Daring words that need to be said. – Amelia


  • Gammmmmme of fucking Thrones, Game of fucking Thronnnnnnnnnnes IS BACK. I’m making water in my smallclothes, I’m so excited. – Amelia
  • My boyfriend Ryan Gosling wrote and directed a movie called “Lost River” and while it’s hitting select theaters this week, you can watch it from the privacy of your home immediately because it’s on video on demand too. Yes, this “dark fable about American decay” was panned at Cannes, but Cannes is known for hating on movies that turned out to be brilliant, so fuck them. Starring Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Matt Smith, Ben Mendelsohn and Gosling’s baby mama, Eva Mendes, the film sounds dark and weird and magical, not unlike Baby Goose himself. – Amelia


  • Former Frisky staffer Ami Angelowicz alerted me to this week’s “must-listen” Radio Lab episode, taken from another podcast called Love + Radio, told from the perspective of a woman living across the way from a couple who never shut the curtains to their bedroom. Sounds right up my voyeuristic alley… – Amelia


  • Here’s a slow-roasted salmon dish that feels classy but seems really easy, and is the kind of thing you can bring to a dinner party and make everyone ooh and awe at how good at life you are. — Megan


  • Play A Dark Room, a super-minimal strategy/mystery game that’ll take up hours and hours of your weekend that you would otherwise be spending not trying to figure out what the hell Alien Alloy is and why it matters, and where’s the fun in that? (It’s available via the web site and also for phones.) – Rebecca