WHOOPS! Anti-Vaxxer’s Seven Children All Got Whooping Cough So Now She’s Into Vaccines, I Guess?

Former anti-vaxxer and mom of many Tara Hills, recently changed her stance after all seven of her children somehow mysteriously got whooping cough. WHOOPSIE DAISIES! (Sorry, I can’t stop.)

In case you didn’t know, anti-vaxxers are those special people who don’t believe you should vaccinate your children because it may cause autism — which is now thoroughly debunked anyway and yet they still hold on to their guns. I guess these people figure, eh, my kid probably won’t get polio and/or measles even though kids totally are now and we have entered the age of going backwards in medical science because of them.

ANYWAY, poor ole Tara Hills had to write about her change of heart while in quarantine because you know, ALL OF HER SEVEN CHILDREN HAVE A DISEASE FROM THE 19TH CENTURY. This is like a Dickens novel on LSD. She said (from quarantine) that she is “emotionally, a bit raw. Mentally a bit taxed. Physically I’m fine.” PHEW. Please get well and be the poster mom for changing the minds of these nutcase anti-vaxxers once and for all. And I really hope your kids get better. :(

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