Former FLDS Member Gets Pelted With Live Chickens While Coming For Her Kids

Sabrina Tetzner, a former member of the Warren Jeffs polygamous radical Mormon sect of the The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), recently received sole custody of her four children, who were being held captive by an aunt inside of the sect. When Tetzner arrived to pick up the kids yesterday, the aunt would not let Tetzner take them from her, and thus began a seven hour standoff, with local law enforcement involved.

During the standoff, other members of the church (mostly women in those long dresses with the bad hair) surrounded Tetzner’s van and then proceeded to throw live chickens at it (?!!) as a way of fending her off. (I hope the chickens are OK.) Authorities helped escort Tetzner and her four children away from the flying chickens and across state lines to safety. Charges will be made against the crazy aunt.

Sabrina Tetzner had left the sect eight years ago without her children, since it’s easier to escape alone, but also because the sect indoctrinates members to believe that once you have children, they essentially belong to the church. Once Tetzner was lifted from her fog, she decided to go back for her kids. I’m glad they are safe and sound and flying chicken-free. [AP]