Jaden Smith Gives No Fucks, Wears A Dress, Is The Best Teen

As breathlessly reported by The Daily Mail, enigmatic Twitter personality Jaden Smith was snapped by paps out and about in a dress, as the cool teens are doing these days. Taking notes from another cool teen, Young Thug, perhaps? Or, just a boy who wants to experience the sweet, beautiful freedom of the air on his bare legs, unfettered by things as pedestrian as pants?

Really, does it matter? The Pinkett-Smith kids are, quite frankly, amazing. Let me remind you that Jaden wore a Batman suit to the nuptials of the Kardashian-Wests.


The Smith children are either conducting the most perfectly-executed, long-con troll on all of us, or they are exalted, otherworldly beings sent here to show us our true potential. Either way, I’m on board. Do you, Jaden. [Complex]