Elizabeth Warren On “The Daily Show”: Students Don’t Have The Lobbyists Big Business Does

Elizabeth Warren appeared on “The Daily Show” last night to promote her book, A Fighting Chance, and talk about the ways rich and powerful corporations get their way with the U.S. Government, as well as the problem with increasing student loan debt. As usual, she kicked ass.

In regards to the Sen. Bob Menendez’s recent indictment on 14 counts of corruption, Stewart asked Warren if this is just the norm now.

“Do they really believe this system is not corrupted or are they aware of pulling the levers of power?”

Warren responded, “Powerful corporations, rich people, have figured out that if you can bend the government to help you just a little bit, it’s a tremendous payoff–And if you can bend it to help you just a little bit more, and a little bit more, the playing field just gets more and more tilted, and the rich and the powerful just do better and better.”

The conversation later turned to the problem of student debt.

Warren addressed the fact while you can refinance almost any other sort of loan you might take out, you cannot refinance student loans from the government–so people who got their loans between 2007 and 2012 are locked into extremely high interest rates. She also noted that big businesses get 0% interest loans from the government, but we don’t allow students to do this. Why? Because rich people and major corporations have fabulous lobbyists who basically spend all of their time trying to make sure they pay less money. Because America!

Honestly–can we please just put Elizabeth Warren in charge of everything?