Watch Ryan Gosling’s Gorgeous Face Fill With Shame As His Phone Goes Off During An Interview

My boyfriend Ryan Gosling is such a gentleman. Unlike most men, he never texts during dinner. In fact, his phone is always upstairs and turned off during mealtime, because he doesn’t want anything to get in the way of hearing about how my day was and what positions I would like to have sex in after we’re done digesting our meal. That all of this occurs in my imagination is no matter, as I’m 100 percent sure this applies to the real life Ryan Gosling, as evidenced in the clip above. I mean, just look at the shame come over Ryan’s face as the least annoying of all alert sounds interrupts his interview with a journalist, and then he just tosses the phone aside — not unlike he tossed aside my heart when he had a baby with Eva Mendes, NBD I’m over it — like it repulses him with its rudeness. Love him forever. [People]