Stationery Company Fights Homophobia, Turns Hate Speech Into Confetti

Ireland will hold a public vote on the legal standing of same-sex marriage on May 22, and the lead-up to the decision is bringing out the worst in local homophobes. Thankfully, the tension is also bringing out the best in others, like Dublin stationery store Daintree Paper. In an effort to take a step toward equality, Daintree created A Shred Of Decency wedding confetti, all proceeds of which will be donated to YES Equality. The cheerful confetti is, in their clever words, “made from 100% recycled lies” — repurposed anti-gay propaganda and pamphlets!

If you see any homophobic commentary on Twitter about the upcoming vote, Daintree will shred it for you to contribute to their confetti! Just reply to the hateful remark with #shredthistweet, and the company will print the tweet to add to the confetti pile. Then they’ll “send a tweet to the source of the dishonesty and thank them for their very generous help in supporting YES Equality. We will try (and probably fail) to suppress a tiny smile whilst doing so.” Brilliant! You can get some confetti of your own at Daintree’s Dublin shop or online here. [Glamour]