“Orange Is The New Black” Returns With A Vengeance, And Here’s The Trailer To Prove It

Ahhhhh, so here is the new trailer for the upcoming season of “Orange Is The New Black,” which returns to Netflix on June 12. It’s long! There’s lot of info packed in there. Alex Vause is somehow back in prison, but my favorite, Nicky Nichols, is out. Boo gets a horrifying makeover. Lori Petty joins the girls! Daya and Bennett are still doing their horrible forbidden love thing. And Crazy Eyes is writing awesome orgy alien porn. Are you excited? Are you tempering your excitement with cautious pessimism, because you think that Piper is breathtakingly insufferable, and you’re hoping that this season she finally stops being such a twat and gets her act together? Yeah, me too. [h/t Cosmopolitan]