My Daily Prayers Worked – Taco Bell May Start Delivering to Your Door, You’re All Welcome

Likely sensing that Chipotle being classified as a great first date spot was mainly thanks to me, Taco Bell just upped its game big time to make a play for king of my fast casual dining loving heart: they’ll be testing a delivery service starting this year.

Given that the largest barrier to entry to dining at a Taco Bell is admitting to yourself that you walked or drove over to a fucking Taco Bell, the faux-ican fast food restaurant will be starting to slowly roll out a delivery service in major markets, to increase revenue and help them compete digitally.

As someone who has ordered delivery from the Burger King on Delancey more times than I care to admit (upwards of five, downwards of 1000), I support this wholeheartedly.

[h/t Liam Mathews, who is right, I did once throw a birthday party catered by Taco Bell]