Just Look At This Asshole: Ex-Ferguson Court Clerk Says Being Fired For Racist Emails Like “Being Raped”

Former Ferguson, MO, court clerk and drugstore highlights-enthusiast Mary Ann Twitty is speaking out for the first time since being fired from her job of 19 years for sending racist emails uncovered by the Justice Department during their investigation into Ferguson police practices. Well, the Justice Department calls them racist, but to Twitty they were just jokes:

“Funny as in humor wise? Yes. Not because it was racist or biased, just funny because it was just funny jokewise. I feel bad because that’s not, I don’t want people to look at me and say ‘she sent those racist jokes out because she’s racist or biased.’ I am not.”

In other words, racism is totally fine so long as it’s hilarious. Can’t people have a laugh at the expense of oppressed minorities? GAWD. The whole experience was totally traumatizing for poor Twitty, who describes it thusly:

“It took me a while to get over the feeling of being raped and being thrown under the bus. I’m human, I meant nothing bad by it.”


Pro-tip: if you ever feel inclined to compare something, anything, to being raped — DON’T. The only thing that feels “like being raped” is RAPE, and describing anything that is not rape – even a horrible experience, which being fired for being a racist asshole is not — is going to require that you use your words and not rely on this offensive analogy. Though I’m sure Twitty will argue that she was just joking. [Sun Times]