Chicago’s First Manslaughter Trial Against A Police Officer In 15 Years Starts Today


The trial of a police officer for manslaughter begins today in Chicago, the first in the last 15 years of the city’s history. Officer Dante Servin shot Rekia Boyd, an unarmed Black woman, with an unregistered semiautomatic handgun while off-duty in March 2012. The shooting itself is obviously a tragedy that is itself part of a pattern of tragedies committed by police officers against usually unarmed Black civilians that our country has been paying attention to especially in the last year, but this is a rare case in which the justice system will actually examine a murder of a Black individual by a police officer as a crime. It is a sad and grim “best,” but hopefully the start of more just treatment of the Black community. [RawStory]


A new report by the Children’s Commission on Poverty in Britain reveals that many children are living in “Victorian conditions,” depending on charity to be fed and clothed, which is reflective of the continuing human cost of the financial crisis in Britain. Much like in America, these children are suffering academically or not able to get to school at all, while also being socially segregated – 80% of immigrant students, who tend to be disadvantaged, go to schools with “high concentrations” of other immigrant and disadvantaged students. Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron is claiming that “hardworking taxpayers” are feeling economic recovery, but it’s doubtful – as ever – that it’s simply a lack of “hard work” and not systemic economic injustice that’s keeping these kids behind. [The Guardian]


Here’s a history of the egg-baby classroom lesson from its inception in Philadelphia schools in the 1980s as an effort to address teen pregnancies as part of sex education. The egg-baby and its successors – including simulator babies that actually track your parental responses – are still used as part of sex education today, but apparently no one knows if it’s actually an effective teaching tool. [NPR]


The cover of the anticipated Ruth Bader Ginsburg biography, Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has been released, featuring no less than a portrait of RBG herself stylized à la Notorious B.I.G.’s famous crown photo. The biography is expected to be released in the fall. [Jezebel]


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