Your Vote Matters: Let’s Get This “Golden Girls” Lego Set Made!

PICTURE IT! Sicily, 1932: A glorious fan-created “Golden Girls” Lego set has been accepted into the Lego Ideas program–and if it gets 10,000 votes by the end of the year, Lego will actually make it and you can own one in your very own house! And then play with it while drinking cheap wine and watching “Golden Girls” marathons on Logo and wondering what happened to your life. I, for one, am very excited! Hell, I already spend a lot of time personally recreating the scene where Dorothy goes to Blanche’s bar and steals all the dudes by singing “Hard Hearted Hannah.” It’ll happen someday, OK?

Given that this is the internet, where the girls of gold are essentially deities, I think we’ll probably be able to get 10,000 votes in no time. Even though the whole voting process is definitely more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be. And that’s when the real fun begins! Check out the gallery to see the whole creation.

In case you were curious as to how we at The Frisky identify, GG-wise, I took an informal survey in our chat cave. Both Amelia and I are Dorothy/Blanche hybrids, Megan is a Dorothy/Sophia hybrid, Rebecca is a straight-up Sophia, Claire is the rare Dorothy/Rose hybrid, and since Beejoli has somehow never seen the “Golden Girls” (a thing which we must correct), I have personally deemed her a Sophia/Blanche hybrid.